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      We are start up family run company dedicated to production of high quality dry smoked cured meats. Our production is primarily influenced by Mediterranean cured meats like prosciutto style cured pork whole hams, cold smoked pork loins, smoked dry cured homemade sausages and whole smoked pork ribs. Future plans are to include beef products like smoked beef loins.  Our family moved from Montenegro in 1997 and we brought with us years of experience of processing and preparing cold smoked artisan meats. Everybody knows about Italian or Spanish prosciutto but it is little known that cured meats are very popular and made all over Mediterranean and especially Adriatic Sea coast. But because of small production and high demand on local market those excellent artisan meats are not as famous around the world as Parma prosciutto or Jabon Serrano for example, even the quality of home made Croatian prosciutto or Montenegrian prosciutto is well above most of industrial made Italian or Spanish made prosciuttos. Here in Iowa we found abundance of quality pork but very little interest in making of high quality artisan meats. Iowa as the number one pork producer in the nation is well known for “Iowa chops” but hasn’t been known by high end cold smoked or dry cured meats.   So we decided to put Iowa on the map by producing “Iowa prosciutto”. That is lightly smoked, dry cured pork ham processed by all natural ingredients using ancient recipes and experience used in Mediterranean’s for hundreds of years. Iowa climate with prevailing wind mix is ideal for natural curing process.  Our test production showed that quality of Iowa prosciutto is equal or higher of leading brands. Great results are achieved with smoked loins and homemade pork sausages too. Samples are sent to Montenegro and scored highly among prosciutto experts and experienced masters of cured meats production. Iowa consumers and restaurants showed interest in our products especially for our innovative cuts and packaging enabling everybody to enjoy prime prosciutto made right here in Iowa. Internet research trough social networks and specialized sites gave us positive results and undoubted demand for this kind of meat products on US market. 

  To make sure we are doing everything right we plan to bring couple of meat processing experts from Montenegro to assist us with start up process and assure high quality of our products. They will be with us in every step of process helping choosing the best USDA approved meat cuts, hand salting and processing, smoking and curing. This is highly demanding and long process lasting eight to ten months but final product is prosciutto of uncompromised quality and taste that’s unforgettable. About ten percent of our yearly production will be set aside for continuous cure that can last up to five years achieving quality of the best of the best prosciuttos world wide.  

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